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U.S. Residential Solar Financing 2015-2020

U.S. Residential Solar Financing 2015-2020

Full Title: U.S. Residential Solar Financing 2015-2020
Author(s): Nicole Litvak
Publisher(s): GTM Research
Publication Date: July 1, 2015
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

2014 was the third consecutive year that the U.S. residential solar market experienced more than 50% growth and the first year it exceeded installations in the non-residential market. This rapid growth can largely be attributed to the widespread availability and increasing diversity of financing solutions. The first wave of growth in the residential market, from about 2010 to 2014, can be attributed to third-party financing for leases and PPAs that made solar affordable to the masses. More recently, the market has seen a resurgence of direct ownership, with a number of new players introducing a wide range of loan products. The residential solar market is still in its infancy, and the competitive landscape continues to evolve thanks to new market entrants, acquisitions, and constantly changing consumer finance options.

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