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US Nuclear-Power Leadership and the Chinese and Russian Challenge

US Nuclear-Power Leadership and the Chinese and Russian Challenge

Full Title: US Nuclear-Power Leadership and the Chinese and Russian Challenge
Author(s): Dr. Robert F. Ichord Jr.
Publisher(s): Atlantic Council Global Energy Center
Publication Date: March 1, 2018
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Description (excerpt):

Despite the ascendancy of natural gas and renewable energy, nuclear power continues to play a significant role in the global energy transition, providing about 10 percent of global electricity production in 2016. Nuclear, besides being a significant carbon-free source of electricity, is also critically important from a strategic and defense standpoint. While the United States has the largest number of nuclear plants in the world, the US global leadership position is declining as efforts to build a new generation of reactors have been plagued by problems, and aging plants have been retired or closed in the face of economic, market, and financial pressures. The situation is not unique to the United States; except for the UK, major US allies are closing (Germany), scaling back (France and South Korea), or debating the reopening (Japan) of their nuclear-power plants. In contrast, China and Russia are continuing to develop their nuclear industries and aggressively pursuing global markets, especially in critical regions such as the Middle East and South Asia

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