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Value of Local Transmission Planning

Value of Local Transmission Planning

Full Title: Value of Local Transmission Planning
Author(s): Charles River Associates
Publisher(s): WIRES
Publication Date: December 20, 2021
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Charles River Associates (CRA) was engaged by WIRES to produce a report that provides a comprehensive review of the value of local transmission planning. In this report, we define local transmission planning as the “transmission planning process that a public utility transmission provider performs for its individual retail distribution service territory or footprint pursuant to the requirements of Order No. 890”. The product of the local transmission planning processes is local solutions that are critical to the integrity of the transmission system. Local projects enable the continued reliable operation of the transmission system by enhancing grid resilience and operational flexibility, addressing transmission asset health and replacing of aging infrastructure.

While we recognize the importance of regional and interregional transmission planning, our report focuses on documenting the value of local transmission planning as a key facilitator of local and regional energy transfer. Analogous to our national road network, local roads and off-ramps are equally important as interstate highways in providing transportation access.

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