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Virtual Power Plant Policy Principles

Virtual Power Plant Policy Principles

Full Title: VPP Policy Principles: Policy Principles to Help Energy Regulators and Policymakers Leverage Virtual Power Plants to Promote Affordability and Reliability
Author(s): The Virtual Power Plant Partnership’s Regulatory and Policy Strategy Working Group, Avery McEvoy, Alex Walmsley, Kevin Brehm, Lauren Shwisberg
Publisher(s): Rocky Mountain Institute
Publication Date: February 5, 2024
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Description (excerpt):

In order to scale VPPs and the benefits they offer, a foundation of strong policies and regulation is critical. This brief contains principles for policy and regulation that can support the fair and efficient growth, integration, valuation, compensation, and advancement of VPPs.
These principles can guide policy development and decisions affecting VPP growth in the next one to four years — including informing the initiation and adoption of regulatory proceedings or legislation directly related to VPPs and DER programs, integrated distribution system planning, non-wires solutions, utility business model reforms, wholesale market participation, tariff design, and energy system digitalization. These principles are intended to represent ideal visions for the roles of VPPs in a clean energy future, with practical steps on how to get there in the interim.

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