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Why Peaker Plants are Critical on the Path to Net Zero

Why Peaker Plants are Critical on the Path to Net Zero

Full Title: Why Peaker Plants are Critical on the Path to Net Zero
Author(s): Utility Dive
Publisher(s): Utility Dive
Publication Date: May 28, 2024
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Today’s energy market demands diversity, versatility and innovation, all with an underlying commitment to safety, grid flexibility and energy security. As the world looks to achieve aggressive decarbonization goals, the question remains: How can growing energy needs be met in an efficient and reliable way?

Peakers continue to be critical for meeting baseload capacity requirements while adapting grids to the variability of renewable energy sources. It’s not a question of if peakers will be needed but when, how and with what technology.

Download the Playbook to learn about the role of peakers in decarbonization, how new solutions are helping meet the need for increased capacity on the path to net zero, and:

– Why peaker plants are critical for decarbonizing energy supplies
– The impact of dispatchable generation on energy grids
– Which solutions will meet the need for increased capacity
– Why peaker plants are particularly valuable for scaling up energy supply during peak demand periods

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