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Wind Farm Control: The Route to Bankability

Wind Farm Control: The Route to Bankability

Full Title: Wind Farm Control: The Route to Bankability
Author(s): Mattia Boccolini, Ervin Bossanyi, Stefanie Bourne, Axel Dombrowski, Giuseppe Ferraro, Keir Harman, Matthew Harrison, Nikolai Hille, Lars Landberg (editor), Tom Levick, Andreas Manjock, Tony Mercer, Anja Neubert, Renzo Ruisi, Nicholas Skeen
Publisher(s): DNV
Publication Date: April 16, 2021
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

Over the past decade wind farm control has gone from being a research topic to a viable solution and an opportunity for the wider industry to optimize wind farm value and contribute to reducing the levelized cost of energy.
DNV believes that successful design and implementation of wind farm control relies on the accuracy of analytical techniques and models, and on their validation against experimental data. DNV has gathered experts in various disciplines to create this position paper, which describes DNV’s position on what is required to make wind farm control technically viable, suitable for project investment and eventually suitable to support project financing.

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