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Expert Insight

The Future of the Natural Gas Industry


Date: May 20, 2021 at 3:51 PM

Natural gas is a critical but contentious part of our energy supply. Its relatively low prices, 50-60% fewer emissions compared to coal, and its flexible ramping capability have lowered the U.S.’s total overall emissions while still delivering affordable and reliable energy. Carbon dioxide emissions from the U.S. energy sector decreased 28% between 2005 and 2018 with natural gas responsible for more than half of the reduction. Looking ahead, experts predict that the shift from coal to natural gas and renewables will continue in the coming years. The industry’s picture also includes expected increases in natural gas exports. On May 19,… [more]

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Expert Insight

Why Biden Should Designate a Nuclear Waste Negotiator

Author(s): David M. Klaus
William J. Perry Fellow, Visiting Scholar
Center for International Security and Cooperation, Stanford University
Date: April 12, 2021 at 11:54 AM

President Joe Biden comes to office at a time when there is a window of opportunity for the United States to make real progress on the management and disposition of nuclear waste. The two key challenges that must be overcome are the siting of a long-term repository for spent fuel from commercial nuclear reactors, and the management of the 90,000 metric tons of spent nuclear fuel currently sitting at 70 reactor sites across the country. Because these challenges are mainly political, not technical, prioritizing the issue and designating a senior official to negotiate on the administration’s behalf has the potential… [more]

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