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Extreme Weather Events: Multi-Pathway Approaches Within Our Grasp

Author(s): Scott Sklar
The Stella Group, LTD
Date: September 17, 2021 at 1:52 PM

The year 2021 has already outpaced 2020 in terms of extreme weather events. On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida left more than 1 million┬áresidents without power for days and led to historic rain in New York City. In February, Texas was hit with a historic -2 degree (F) cold snap that left 4.4 million people without power, caused enormous strain on the power grid, and froze pipelines. At least 217 people were killed directly or indirectly by severe cold, and the damages are estimated to be about $21 billion. This year, California faces the triple threat of wildfire… [more]

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