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Competition in Electric Markets Offers Benefits, but Smart Implementation is Key

Author(s): Michael Giberson
Senior Fellow, Energy
R Street
Date: April 7, 2023 at 12:29 PM

Competition in Electric Power—What Does the Record Say? About 25 years ago the electric power industry was deep into debates over competition and monopoly. For most of the last century, nearly everyone agreed that monopoly was not only natural but even desirable in electric power as long as regulators ensured that the benefits of monopoly were shared with consumers. Toward the end of the century, the conventional view was under challenge—rates were rising, the industry had seen a few major blackouts and technological growth stalled. Dissatisfaction with the regulated electric power industry was intensified by the apparent success of deregulatory… [more]

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Extreme Weather Events: Multi-Pathway Approaches Within Our Grasp

Author(s): Scott Sklar
The Stella Group, LTD
Date: September 17, 2021 at 1:52 PM

The year 2021 has already outpaced 2020 in terms of extreme weather events. On the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida left more than 1 million residents without power for days and led to historic rain in New York City. In February, Texas was hit with a historic -2 degree (F) cold snap that left 4.4 million people without power, caused enormous strain on the power grid, and froze pipelines. At least 217 people were killed directly or indirectly by severe cold, and the damages are estimated to be about $21 billion. This year, California faces the triple threat of wildfire… [more]

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The Need for Restructured Electricity Markets

Author(s): Robert Dillon
Executive Director
Energy Choice Coalition
Date: August 8, 2019 at 2:45 PM

The rapid evolution of the electricity sector in the United States can offer numerous benefits to consumers while also addressing society’s environmental concerns. The rise of independent energy suppliers and the advancement of information technology are transforming the way we generate and manage our electricity use, allowing consumers to access more affordable, diverse, efficient, and cleaner sources of energy. More than a dozen states have restructured their electricity markets to some degree in order to give consumers, large and small, a greater say in the type of energy they use every day to power their homes and offices. Proper policy… [more]

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Examining Texas’ Regulated and Deregulated Electricity Prices


Date: January 2, 2014 at 2:50 PM

About 85% of Texas residents purchase their electricity in a deregulated, competitive market, while the electric rates in a few major metropolitan areas (Austin, San Antonio) are regulated by the State.  Residential electricity prices in Texas’ deregulated market dipped below the national average price for power in 2012, according to a recent report by the Texas Coalition for Affordable Power (TCAP), but  deregulated prices still remain significantly higher than prices in the regulated areas of Texas. According to a post on Bitcoin Motion, the Texas electric deregulation law, adopted in 1999, gives consumers in most areas of Texas the ability… [more]

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