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Full Title: Beyond Solyndra: Examining the Department of Energy's Loan Guarantee Program Author(s): Hilary Kao Publisher(s): William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review Publication Date: 1/2013 Full Text: ->DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT<- Description: This Article looks beyond the Solyndra controversy to examine...
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The high-profile and controversial collapse of Solyndra and Beacon Power has led critics to question the integrity and merit of DOE’s loan guarantee program. Energy Secretary Steven Chu was asked...
Last week, DOE announced plans to continue its provision of loan guarantees for approved renewable energy projects. The announcement comes seven months after the controversy surrounding the agency’s loan to...
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In the State of the Union President Obama renewed his commitment to the widespread adoption of renewable power as a critical piece of America’s energy and economic future.  In last...
Massachusetts-based solar panel developer Konarka Technologies Inc. has filed for bankruptcy. The company received $1.5 million in grants from the state while Mitt Romney was governor. President Obama’s reelection campaign is casting...

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