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Conservative and progressive policy wonks agree: a carbon tax is the most promising of all tools to fight climate change. Such a tax would spur investments in green energy and...
Full Title: IMF Working Paper: How Large Are Global Energy Subsidies? Author(s): David Coady, Ian Parry, Louis Sears, and Baoping Shang Publisher(s): International Monetary Fund (IMF) Publication Date: 05/2015 Full Text: ->DOWNLOAD DOCUMENT<- Description (excerpt): This paper...
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The U.S. currently maintains one of the world’s largest stockpiles of government owned oil, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). In response to the 1970s oil embargo and supply shocks, the...
Climate change is a threat to our environment and our economy, and we cannot afford the risk of inaction. With our free market economy, the best solution is a simple,...

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