Full Title: The Value of Transmission
Author(s): Southwest Power Pool
Publisher(s): Southwest Power Pool
Publication Date: 01/2016


Description (excerpt):

Southwest Power Pool (SPP) has approved the construction of significant transmission expansion since becoming a Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) in 2004. In this report, SPP attempts to quantify the value of transmission expansion projects placed in service from 2012 through 2014. A portion of the value quantified in this report is captured from an analysis of the first year of operation of the Integrated Marketplace (IM) which began March 1, 2014. While many large projects installed in 2012-2014 were not in service at the launch of the IM, their value in the mid to-late portion of 2014 are partially captured in this assessment and will continue into the future.

Traditional planning studies have previously projected economic benefits of future transmission expansion projects, but a study to quantify the actual benefits of major projects in SPP is needed to validate the conclusions and recommendations of prior planning studies