Full Title: Tools and Objectives for a Sustainable Energy Economy
Author(s): Daniel M. Kammen
Publisher(s): University of California, Berkeley
Publication Date: 8/2012



Energy is in the news everyday, discussed and described in many ways, and yet we remarkably struggle for even a basic currency in which we can reflect the energy system we wish to build. This simple fact drives many of the seeming paradoxes of our interest in clean, sustainable energy, and our inability to launch a new scientific and industrial revolution to build this new energy economy. We have seen decades of papers extolling the opportunities and needs for a new energy system. However, the sad fact is that we as a global society have wasted many good years – decades actually -­‐-­‐ during which we could have launched an economy based on job creation and investments in human capacity and creativity. Instead we have ignored the clearly changing signals that nature has been sending us about the status and stresses we are placing our rivers, oceans, skies, mountains and of the health of every ecosystem.