Full Title: Toward a Sustainable Future for the U.S. Power Sector: Beyond Business as Usual 2011
Author(s): Geoff Keith, Bruce Biewald, Ezra Hausman, Kenji Takahashi, Tommy Vitolo, Tyler Comings and Patrick Knight
Publisher(s): Synapse Energy Economics
Publication Date: 11/2011



In 2010 the Civil Society Institute released Beyond Business as Usual, a study evaluating a strategy for the U.S. electric industry that would provide large-scale public health and environmental benefits at a reasonable cost. The strategy, built around energy efficiency and renewable resources, would also provide substantial reductions in carbon emissions. Since then, the debate has continued over the best way forward for the electric industry. Advocates of a future based on coal with new environmental controls and carbon capture continue to make their case, as do advocates of nuclear power.