Full Title: Transforming the Power Sector in Developing Countries A Strategic Framework for Post-Paris Action
Author(s): Dr. Robert F. Ichord, Jr.
Publisher(s): The Atlantic Council
Publication Date: 10/2016


Description (excerpt):
A major global challenge in the years ahead will be meeting the electricity needs of developing countries in a clean, efficient, and affordable manner. Large investments will be needed. And major improvements in policy, regulatory, and institutional frameworks will be critical to creating a conducive “enabling environment” for investment in sustainable energy.

This report examines this challenge and proposes a strategic framework for post-Paris action. Subsequent publications will apply this framework to key countries and regions in the non-OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) world. Concerted international action is needed to move towards the Paris target of limiting temperature rise to two degrees centigrade or less. This series of publications will hopefully contribute to our understanding of the issues and the choices facing emerging market and developing countries.