Full Title: U.S. Energy Efficiency Potential Through 2035
Author(s): Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Publisher(s): Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Publication Date: 04/2014


Description (excerpt):

Electricity plays an integral role in supporting the standard of living to which Americans have grown accustom, enabling comfort, convenience, health and safety, security, and productivity in its traditional end-use applications, including air conditioning, lighting, refrigeration, and motive power. Moreover, the computational and communications infrastructure associated with our digital economy depends on electricity – from powering data centers to charging ever- proliferating mobile electronic devices.

Understanding growth in demand is key for electric service providers at all levels as they plan resources to meet customers’ needs while maintaining reliable operation of the power system. The challenge to provide affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible electricity encourages providers to understand all resources available to continue to meet demand. Utilities and policy makers continue to look to energy efficiency as a cost-effective resource to enable reliable and affordable electric service while at the same time reducing carbon emissions.