Full Title: Utility-Scale Solar 2013: An Empirical Analysis of Project Cost, Performance, and Pricing Trends in the United States
Author(s): Mark Bolinger and Samantha Weaver
Publisher(s): University of California, Berkeley and United States Department of Energy
Publication Date: 9/2014


Description (excerpt):

This report, the second in what is envisioned to be an ongoing annual series, meets this need through in-depth, annually updated, data-driven analysis of not just installed project costs or prices – i.e., the traditional realm of solar economics analyses – but also operating costs, capacity factors, and power purchase agreement (“PPA”) prices from a large sample of utility-scale solar projects in the United States. Given its current dominance in the market, utility-scale PV also dominates much of this report, though more balanced coverage is expected in future editions as the new CSP projects that have recently or soon will come online start to generate usable data.