Full Title: Wind Diversity Enhancement of Wyoming/California Wind Energy Projects: Phase 2
Author(s): Jonathan Naughton
Publisher(s): Wind Energy Research Center
Publication Date: 07/2015


Description (excerpt):

On January 25, 2013, the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority (WIA) released the University of Wyoming’s “Wind Diversity Enhancement of Wyoming/California Wind Energy Projects.” The 2013 Study was based on one (1) year of modeled data. This study, also commissioned by the WIA, addresses the impact of diversifying the mix of renewable energy assets used in California’s electrical system. The study was carried out using 10-minute wind data from meteorological towers in Wyoming combined with actual 10-minute average wind and solar electrical production data from California to perform this assessment. The results of this report confirmed the findings of the earlier report, but goes on to provide an objective means of evaluating different combinations of renewable assets. Concrete examples of the benefits of diversity are then provided.