Full Title: 35X25: A Vision for Energy Storage
Author(s) / Publisher(s): Energy Storage Association
Publication Date: 11/2017


Description (excerpt):
The United States power sector is in the midst of profound transformation. Energy demands and the role of the consumer are shifting, bringing new stresses and strains to an aging grid. Energy sources are also in transition, as the economics of natural gas and electricity continue to disfavor coal, and renewables increasingly prove to be a least-cost option in markets. Recently, advancements in energy storage technologies are improving the economics of accommodating these changes, while improving reliability and resilience, and enhancing electric system performance.

These trends necessitate an electricity network that is flexible and adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of the grid and consumers. Dramatic and recent decreases in pricing, advances in technology, and attention to improving resilience are all factors contributing to an exponential growth in energy storage markets over the next several years. This confluence of forces will create an opportunity to innovate and drive the deployment of more than 35 gigawatts (GW) of new energy storage systems in the U.S. by 2025.