Full Title: A ‘must-go path’ scenario for sustainable development and the role of nuclear energy in the 21st century
Author(s): H. Jeong, Y. Kim, Y. Lee, et al.
Publisher(s):  Elsevier, Energy Policy
Publication Date: 12/2009
Identifier(s): n/a
Language: English
Length: 7 pages, PDF

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Description (excerpt):

An increase in the world population has accelerated the consumption of fossil fuels and deepened the pollution of global environment. As a result of these human activities, it is now difficult to clearly guarantee the sustainable future of humankind. An intuitional ‘must-go path’ scenario for the sustainable development of human civilization is proposed by extrapolating the human historical data over 30 years between 1970 and 2000. One of the most important parameters in order to realize the ‘must-go path’ scenario is the sustainability of energy without further pollution. In some countries an expanded use of nuclear energy is advantageous to increase sustainability, but fast reactor technology and closed fuel cycle have to be introduced to make it sustainable. In other countries, the development of cost-effective renewable energy, and the clean use of coal and oil are urgently needed to reduce pollution. The effect of fast nuclear reactor technology on sustainability as an option for near-term  energy source is detailed in this paper. More cooperation between countries and worldwide collaboration coordinated by international organizations are essential to make the ‘must-go path’ scenario real in the upcoming 20 or 30 years.