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Neway Argaw

Integrated Power Systems, Inc.

Areas of Expertise:

Clean Energy, Demand Side Management, Energy Economics, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security, Energy Storage, Environmental Policy, Power Sector, R&D, Regulation, Renewables, Smart Grid, Solar, Transmission, Water, Wind

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Water and Wastewater engineering design, and O&M management, Masters degree in Environmental and water engineering

PhD in Renewable in 1996, involved in solar (space and terrestrial) R&D since 1992, Wrote several books and modeling on resource assesment, development of TMY model, economic modeling, system optimization modeling, installed over 250MW solar and designed over 2.5GW solar. To mention few, involved in California CB1, several task forces including IEA Viena, in European Union Thermie (DG XVII program), UNEP and UNFAO advisory roles, more...