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George Baker

Professor Emeritus
James Madison University

Areas of Expertise:

Energy Security, Infrastructure, Nuclear, Power Sector, R&D, Transmission

Additional Areas of Expertise:

nuclear EMP effects and protection , geomagnetic disturbances effects and protection, critical infrastructure protection

CURRICULUM VITA - George H. Baker III, Ph.D.
Dr. Baker’s professional background spans academia, industry, and government. He is an experienced consultant in applied physics and electrical engineering in the disciplines of electromagnetic pulse, solar storm geomagnetic disturbance effects, lightning effects, radio frequency weapons, high power electromagnetics, and critical infrastructure electromagnetic vulnerability assessment.

Current Affiliations:
- CEO of BAYCOR, LLC a consulting company primarily devoted to preparedness for and protection against major electromagnetic threats to critical infrastructures including nuclear EMP, solar storms, and RF weapons.
- Consultant with Integrity Consulting Engineering and Security Solutions, performing vulnerability assessments of critical national security installations and systems.
- Member of the Board of Directors of the nonprofit Foundation for Resilient Societies.
- Member of the Board of Advisors for the Congressional Task Force on National and Homeland Security.
- Member, Executive Advisory Board, Research and Public Service, James Madison University
- Member, Knowledge, Skills, and Education Committee, The Infrastructure Security Partnership

Career History:
- Professor, Applied Science, James Madison University (JMU).
- Technical Director, JMU Institute for Infrastructure and Information Assurance directing the university’s homeland security-related research.
- Defense Nuclear Agency electromagnetics group leader directing programs on EMP environments, protection and testing of strategic systems, developing the DoD EMP standards, development of EMP simulators, and development of RF weapons technology.
- Director, Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s assessment arm, the Springfield Research Facility involved in assessing and protecting critical DoD and National infrastructure sites.
- Principal staff member, the Congressional EMP Commission.
- Senior Scientist, Northrop Grumman Corporation.

Consulting Clients:
- Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense, National Research Council, Institute for Defense Analyses, National Science Foundation, George Mason University, Northrop Grumman, the National Park Service, SAIC, Defense Group Incorporated, National Security Research Inc., CACI, ORSA, Maritime Emergency Preparedness Project, JAXON Engineering, ENSCO, Integrity Consulting, The Infrastructure Security Partnership (TISP).

Recent awards:
Distinguished Service Award, Congressional EMP Commission
Distinguished Research and Public Service Award, James Madison University (2011)
Student Research Community Impact Award, James Madison University (2012)

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