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William Ross Williams

Leader and Strategist
Altresco Companies


Areas of Expertise:

Biofuels, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Coal, Demand Side Management, Electric Vehicles, Energy Economics, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security, Energy Storage, Environment, Environmental Policy, GHGs, Hydropower, Infrastructure, Innovation, Natural Gas, Oil, Power Sector, R&D, Regulation, Renewables, Smart Grid, Solar, Transmission, Transportation, Water, Wind

Declaration and Bio:

My focus is on creating an affordable energy and environmentally friendly environment for enterprises that use energy and water to produce tangible products at competitive prices.

I use my ability to create an energy advantage to build businesses that provide a couple of really boring, patentable things to a very broad market. FPC (Food product concentrate including dairy) and safe decent tasting water for people and businesses that are starting to have a real hard time getting enough.

An abbreviated version of my areas of higher than average understanding:
Industrial equipment sales engineer, mining, milling most mineral types, all sizes of operations, Meat and Food processing, Agriculture, irrigation, Municipal water and Waste water treatment facilities and Transitioned into Real Estate Broker, Principal, Finance, REO workouts, Partial owner and portfolio manager, apartments, Shopping centers, R&D Space, Industrial parks, Transitioned into IPP. Developed, Project financed, constructed own operated land mark projects New England, Philippines, India, Angel and Venture Finance focus on current state of the art generation, electricity, hydrogen, wind, solar technologies, and all water processes.

Also refocused on all aspect of water from ground and headwaters to river discharge points at international borders and saltwater. Most western Water originates in Colorado. Began active involvement in water ownership, treatment, augmentation, saline content management, toxic water mitigation from mining etc. Focus in this area was 1995-1999, SE Asia, SAARC, India, Texas. Resumed in 2006, and spooled up in 2008 to explore optimization of interdependent water, Energy, Power, Renewable Energy Integration, Also active in energy and electricity storage from 1998 on transportation energy storage and 2006 on wind electricity and energy storage options.

Mentored University of Colorado MS Engineering candidates in exploration of Pump Hydro, CAES, and Mechanical Gravity storage options for off schedule wind generated electricity. 2008 started active collaboration with Xcel, on grid stabilization with high wind penetration, Have had ongoing or annual private gatherings with senior personal at SPP, ERCOT, CAISO, WAPA, PJM, NERC, FERC, EPRI regarding issues impacting energy quality and stability from generation interconnect to distribution utilities, as well as multiple industry large energy users. This has also included examination of resource management and energy procurement options for G&Ts, IOUs, and Municipals under several market scenarios. My non vendor, non IPP, and long history of collaboration with all aspects of the electricity industry has allowed me to explore areas generally unknown to generation developer side industry participants. And, this exploration has been unofficial, off the record, and out of public view. This has allowed me to understand how a lot of different "invisible" system behavior elements from raw energy market to light switch.

My single most significant differentiation is that my entire career has been focused on mission critical energy and efficiency at the lowest cost and environment impact at the energy user end of the spectrum. This area has been generally unoccupied for about 15 years now.

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