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W. Scott Smith

Alternative Propulsion & Energy Research

Areas of Expertise:

Clean Energy

W. Scott Smith has been working in alternative research for about twenty years. He is currently working on a Break-Through Physics that was originally proposed in NASA's Break Through Physics Propulsion Program, BPPP. This developing technology, if it can be made at commercial levels, will open up the Electromagnetic Energy of the Quantum Vacuum. Many experiments point toward the probability that this can be achieved within a few years. In fact, Mr. Smith was recently encouraged to submit a paper to NASA's NIAC committee which desires to fund some of the more-promising approaches that were discussed in the final report of the BPPP. Mr. Smith has published two papers in the Proceedings of the Nature Philosophy Alliance and had his work endorsed by leading scientists. Mr. Smith was invited to speak at the International Space Development Conference where he presented his work to experts in his sub-field of Quantum Vacuum Engineering.

Mr. Smith follows the technical details of the Climate Change Discussion, with a focus including global dimming and atmospheric particulates. He is deeply concerned that current experiments that deposit light reflective particulates into the atmosphere may in fact, reflect far more nighttime and daytime heat-energy back onto the Earth than is reflected in terms of incoming energy from the Sun.

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