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Wayne Moody

Business Development Manager

Areas of Expertise:

Biofuels, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Coal, Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Environment, Environmental Policy, Hydraulic Fracturing, Hydrogen, Infrastructure, Innovation, Liquid Fuels, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Oil, Power Sector, R&D, Water

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Petroleum/ natural gas production/ refining Desalting sea water Purifying putrid water Cleaning up smokestack emissions Cleaning up animal and human wastes, processing into useful products Processing CO2 emissions, into useful products Nuclear Energy Recirculating waste steam Regulatory aspects of the above

Graduate Electrical Engineer University of Idaho. Enlisted US ARMY. graduated OCS, battery commander Viet Nam, awarded Bronze Star Medal. Nuclear engineer Bechtel, and RM Parsons. Department Head, managing initial development, ARCO Prudhoe Bay oilfield, $1.5 Billion. Mobil Research and Development, USA and International project development and execution. Ultramar, California Clean Fuels project execution, Contracts and Project Manager, $200 Million. Ultramar Diamond Shamrock, General Manager, Cogen Development, and refinery fuel supply. Valero, Director of Energy Initiatives. Tesoro, Business Manager, $600 Million project, Developed cogeneration, water, and CO2 sales. Vorsana, Business Development Manager.

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