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Craig Jimenez

EcoCentri LLC

Areas of Expertise:

Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Clean Energy, Climate Change, Coal, Demand Side Management, Energy Economics, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security, Energy Storage, GHGs, Liquid Fuels, Natural Gas, Oil, Power Sector, Renewables

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Energy & Environmental Markets, Trading, Risk Management, Corporate Governance

Craig Jimenez is President of EcoCentri LLC (www.EcoCentri.com), a provider of flue-gas scrubbing, carbon-capture and risk management services to power generators. He is former President of OGE Energy Resources, where he oversaw $1.3 B/yr of fuels, emissions, and gas-processing hedging, as well as monetization of leased energy storage and transportation assets. Prior to OGE Energy, Craig was a key leader in achieving FEA’s large market share in energy storage analytics for pricing and risk management. Craig is active in low-carbon energy (including fugitive emissions), corporate governance and energy security.

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