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Dr. Bruce Stram

Permanent Monitoring Panel - Energy
World Federation of Scientists

Areas of Expertise:

Energy Economics, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Policy, Fuel Cells, GHGs, Natural Gas, Power Sector, R&D, Regulation, Renewables, Tax Policy, Wind

PhD University of Maryland, Economics, Faculty and Staff, Economics Dept and Bureau of Business and Economic Research, University of Maryland, 1968-1976; US Federal Government, 1976-1981; Senior Economist, US Department of Transportation, 1976-1977; Senior Economist, US Civil Aeronautics Board, 1977-1978; Senior Economist, US Department of Energy, 1978-1979; Deputy Director for Rail Policy, US Interstate Commerce Commission, 1979-1981; During this period both the transport industries and energy industry was significantly deregulated in the US was extremely active in the policy analysis and decision making related to this deregulation, particularly in the transport industries. Director of Business Strategy, Natomas North America, 1981-1984; Senior Vice President for Strategy, Enron Corp, 1984-1996; Responsible for early development of Enron's deregulated gas marketing strategy in the US; also for development of Enron's environmental and renewable energy strategy and businesses; Vice President and Founder for Enron Energy Services, 1996-2001, Developed and helped implement Enron's innovative energy efficiency outsourcing business Principal, BST Ventures, Developing innovative energy related businesses. Dr. Stram is also the Founder and of Element Markets LLC.

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