Full Title: America’s Energy Resurgence: Sustaining Success, Confronting Challenges
Author(s): Bipartisan Policy Center’s Strategic Energy Policy Initiative
Publisher(s): Bipartisan Policy Center
Publication Date: 2/2013



The Strategic Energy Policy Initiative, a project of the  Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) and led by a diverse  20-member Energy Board, was launched in 2011 to build  the bipartisan consensus needed to tackle these challenges  in the years ahead. Americans are fortunate: The nation  has enormous energy strengths, greatly exceeding those  of most industrialized nations. Building on these strengths  to deliver affordable, secure, and reliable energy in an  environmentally responsible manner is the overarching goal of the recommendations outlined in this report. Specifically,  we, the Energy Board, believe U.S. energy policy should be  designed to advance four core objectives:

  1. Pursue a diverse portfolio of energy resources;
  2. Improve the energy productivity of the U.S. economy;
  3. Accelerate innovation and technology improvements  across the energy sector;
  4. Improve energy policy governance and accountability.

It is important to emphasize at the outset that the actions   we propose in each of these areas should be viewed as  a package—no single Energy Board member necessarily  agrees with each individual recommendation in isolation.   Taken together, however, we believe this set of recommendations  provides the blueprint for a balanced and effective plan  for enhancing the nation’s prosperity, energy security, and  sustainable environmental quality in the 21st century.