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Tax Policy

Rod Richardson is President of Grace Richardson Fund, a private foundation that pioneers new free market solutions for critical issues in gridlock. A strategy of collaborative policy innovation led Rod to co-found both the Clean Capitalist Leadership Council, a group of clean capitalists, conservation conservatives and environmental donors lending advice and support in this work, as well as the Clean Capitalist Coalition, a group of think tanks and scholars exploring new laissez-faire policy solutions that reduce tax, trade, regulatory and market barriers to accelerate innovation and deployment for clean free enterprise. One such policy, Clean Tax Cuts, targets tax barriers, seeking the most powerful ways to apply tax-cutting policy leverage to financial leverage, to best accelerate clean capital flows. Clean Free Market policy research expands that exploration to include trade and market based barriers, seeking to mobilize huge global private capital markets by maximizing economic freedoms for clean enterprise. As a columnist for The American Spectator, Rod makes the case that clean capitalism and basic economic freedoms go hand-in-hand, and can best be expanded, together, side by side. These new concepts and proposals have been developed collaboratively by transpartisan expert-level “charrette” working groups and teams, convening, more than 300 scholars and experts to advance these policy design discussions. Since 2016, such policy design discussions have been co-convened by a variety of groups, including: Living Room Conversations; The Jack Kemp Foundation; Rocky Mountain Institute; The Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, Columbia University; R Street Institute, American Sustainable Business Council, The Nature Conservancy, EarthX, American Renewable Energy Institute, ASU LightWorks, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy; Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Forum; American Council for Capital Formation; Atlas Network, Center for Latin America; and MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (MIT CEEPR).

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