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Marshall Kaplan was former Dean of the Graduate School of Public Affairs at University of Colorado and directed the Wirth Chair in Energy, Climate Change and Community Development related issues and policies. Before that, he served in the Carter, and Kennedy Administrations and was the principal in the policy advisory firm of Marshall Kaplan, Gans and Kahn. Mr. Kaplan has advised numerous federal, state, and local governments as well as non-profit groups and businesses on diverse public policy alternatives. He also facilitated consensus of international leaders at Aspen Global Forums focused on issues of economic development, privatization of energy, and financing infrastructure.

Mr. Kaplan came to Orange County in Feb 2004 to lead the Merage Foundations, and recently established the non-profit Pathways to Opportunities with Merage Foundation support. He has written numerous articles as well as several books on urban, economic and social welfare policy. A winner of the ADL Proclaim Liberty Award in Denver, he is a graduate of both MIT and Boston University.

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