Full Title: BP Energy Outlook 2035
Author(s): N/A
Publisher(s): BP
Publication Date: 1/2014


Description (excerpt): 

Published for the 4th time, the annual Energy Outlook reflects our best effort to describe a “most likely” trajectory of the global energy system, based on our views of likely economic and population growth, as well as developments in policy and technology. The Outlook, like its sister publication, the Statistical Review of World Energy, is the result of intensive analysis by our EconomicsTeam; both documents have deservedly become standard references for those with an interest in energy. Of course the future is uncertain: the numbers that make up this Outlook are less important than the long-term trends, the possible forks in the road ahead, and the choices they pose for decision makers in government and business. This edition of the Outlook raises three big questions: Will the world have sufficient energy to fuel continued economic growth? Will that energy be secure? And will it be sustainable?