Full Title: Breaking Down Federal Investments in Clean Energy
Author(s): Megan Nicholson and Matthew Stepp
Publisher(s): The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Publication Date: 3/2013



The United States has failed to create a comprehensive energy policy that provides robust and consistent support for innovation. Although the Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 stimulated public investments in energy innovation, many of these programs and incentives have since expired or concluded, leaving the energy innovation ecosystem underfunded and skewed towards supporting deployment incentives over technology R&D, demonstration, and manufacturing.

This report assembles a series of articles first published on Energy Trends Insider, featuring data captured in the Energy Innovation Tracker. ITIF’s Energy Innovation Tracker is a publicly available, transparent, and accessible database of federal   investments in energy innovation at the project level. It was developed to inform the clean energy policy debate by defining federal investments in clean energy innovation by technology, innovation phase, and investment type. Energy policy in the United States is only as good as its innovation‐based goals, framing, and emphasis, so clarifying   past and current support for energy innovation is fundamental to creating the policies of   the future.