Full Title: Clean Energy Under Siege: Following the Money Trail Behind the Attack on Renewable Energy
Sierra Club
Publisher(s): Sierra Club
Publication Date: 8/2012


Description (excerpt):

Wind energy has grown steadily in the past decade, doubling in size since 2009. In 2011, it accounted for roughly three percent of U .S. electricity production (EIA). During the first months of 2012, it topped four percent . Already, Iowa and South Dakota generate 20 percent of their electricity from wind power, and the wind industry is on track to produce 20 percent of America’s electricity by 2030. A boom in the production of photovoltaic solar cells has cut the price in half and also doubled solar energy’s contribution to power supply. While still a relatively small number of electric cars are on the road today, growth is brisk, and sales have surged 164 percent since June of 2011.

That level of growth and success has made renewable energy more of a force to be reckoned with in energy markets. It has also drawn competitive attacks from oil, coal, and gas interests.