Full Title: Distributed Energy  Resources Integration: Summarizing the Challenges and Barriers
Author(s): Robert W. Anderson, Spence Gerber, Elizabeth Reid
Publisher(s): Olivine, Inc.
Publication Date: 1/2014


Description (excerpt): 

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) engaged Olivine, Inc. to provide a summary report
of the challenges and barriers that exist for distributed energy resources (DERs) to provide grid
services. These resources, located on the distribution system, include energy storage, plug-in electric
vehicle (PEV) applications, demand response and combinations thereof that include photovoltaic solar
or other distributed generation resources. With a growing list of new technologies, business models
and changing regulations that include 12 active CPUC proceedings, the DER landscape is increasingly
complex. This report addresses DERs that generate electricity and require interconnection to the ISO as
well as those that alter consumption (such as demand response) and do not require interconnection.
This report does not delve into the question of whether or not wholesale integration is appropriate or
the best application of DERs to meet California’s electricity needs.