Full Title: End Uses of Load Disaggregation
Author(s): Onzo
Publisher(s): Onzo
Publication Date: 09/2015


Description (excerpt):

Load Disaggregation is a broad term covering a range of techniques able to split a household’s energy consumption by the individual appliances used. It offers insight into consumers’ end use of electricity (or gas or water) using data from a single meter, without the need to install measuring equipment on individual appliances.

Despite having roots in the 1980s, Load Disaggregation has until now remained a largely academic topic, with little successful application in the utilities industry or with end consumers. In large part this has been due to the lack of available data and the complexity of the analytics. However, the roll out of smart meters is providing more widespread access to granular consumption data, and with growing maturity of Load Disaggregation solutions, the key question which remains to be answered is: How can disaggregated usage data drive value for the customer and utility?