Full Title: Energy = innovation: 10 disruptive technologies
Author(s): Matt Rogers
Publisher(s): McKinsey
Publication Date: 1/2012


Description (excerpt):

The world is approaching a tipping point in the development of energy technologies that could generate increases in energy productivity on a scale not seen since the Industrial Revolution.

Most of the technologies that could prove disruptive are familiar—including unconventional gas, electric vehicles, solar, and lighting from light-emitting diodes (LEDs)—yet many managers will be surprised when they arrive.  That is because most organizations have been watching them develop for so many years that they find it difficult to believe that these technologies could reach scale any time soon.  This view rests on a misunderstanding of the nature of technological change. The accelerating pace of energy innovation means that some technologies will achieve commercial viability much faster than most observers expect—in some cases, the shift could begin as early as 2015.