Innovation in Energy Storage

July 13, 2022

Today, storage is used primarily as a backup system rather than as a tool to facilitate load shifting. Reversing this trend is often seen as the key for unlocking the full potential of intermittent renewables. While progress is being made, the energy storage industry faces headwinds in the form of affordability, policy support, and the ease of commercialization for new technologies. This webinar will examine the role of innovation in advancing energy storage with panelists examining the state of new technologies, new policy approaches to support deployment and commercialization, and the role of financing in transforming the market.

Kate Frucher
Managing Director and Co-Founder
The Clean Fight NY
Esther Takeuchi
Chair, Interdisciplinary Science Department
U.S. Brookhaven National Lab
Sameer Reddy
Managing Partner, Venture

Energy Impact Partners
John Rhodes
Special Assistant to the President
White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy

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