Full Title: Exporting the American Renaissance: Global impacts of LNG exports from the United States
Author(s): Tom Choi, Peter J. Robertson
Publisher(s): Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions
Publication Date: 1/2013


Description (excerpt): 

Exporting the American Renaissance: Global Impacts of LNG Exports from the United States describes an objective, economic-based analysis of the potential impact of LNG exports from the United States on domestic and global markets. While much attention has focused on the impact of U.S. LNG exports on the U.S. market, this study from Deloitte MarketPoint LLC and the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions analyzes the potential economic consequences of those exports on global markets. It attempts to estimate the potential price impacts, gas supply changes, and flow displacements if the U.S. exported a given volume of LNG to either Asia or Europe.