Full Title: Food for Fuel: The Price of Ethanol
Author(s): Dominic K. Albino, Karla Z. Bertrand, and Yaneer Bar-Yam
Publisher(s): New England Complex Systems Institute
Publication Date: 10/2012



Conversion of corn to ethanol in the US since 2005 has been a major cause of global food price increases during that time and has been shown to be ine fective in achieving US energy independence and reducing environmental impact. We make three key statements to enhance understanding and communication about ethanol production’s impact on the food and fuel markets: (1) The amount of corn used to produce the ethanol in a gallon of regular gas would feed a person for a day, (2) The production of ethanol is so energy intensive that it uses only 20% less fossil fuel than gasoline, and (3) The cost of gas made with ethanol is actually higher per mile because ethanol reduces gasoline’s energy per gallon.