Full Title: Hydrogen-Based Energy Conversion Factbook
Author(s): N/A
Publisher(s): SBC Energy Institute
Publication Date: 2/2014


Leading the Energy Transition: Hydrogen-Based Energy Conversion 
is part of a series of Factbooks on the energy transition conducted by the SBC Energy Institute. This Factbook details the role of hydrogen in the energy system and the value of hydrogen-based energy storage and conversion. It analyzes hydrogen-based conversion solutions developed to overcome the renewable energies’ intermittence challenge.

According to the Factbook, the value of hydrogen-based solutions lies predominantly in their ability to convert renewable power into chemical energy carriers. But hydrogen is more than just an energy carrier. Utilizing the current energy networks hydrogen also acts as a bridge between the different branches of the energy supply system – optimizing the use of energy generated from renewable power at the energy-system level.