Full Title: Impact of Municipal, Industrial, and Commercial Water Needs on the Energy Water Nexus: Challenges, Solutions, and Recommendations
Author(s): Gen.  Richard L. Lawson, John R. Lyman, and Blythe J. Lyons
Publisher(s): Atlantic Council
Publication Date: 1/2013



Limitations on water availability are emerging as a major restraint on economic development around the world. Even the United States can no longer assume every region will have enough water to meet energy, agricultural, industrial, and municipal needs. By addressing its own domestic water challenges, the United States will develop technologies and techniques that could easily be leveraged to address similar challenges in other corners of the globe. With leadership, technology development and deployment, and new institutional arrangements, the United States can be instrumental in resolving these many energy and water issues to build a more resilient, cleaner, and energy efficient future.