Online Discussion Opens for Feedback on Tonko Climate Action Framework

April 17, 2019


UPDATE: OurEnergyPolicy released a summary for the outcomes of this discussion on May 30, 2019.


Washington, D.C.: Congressman Paul Tonko (D-NY-20) is hosting a discussion on to gather input from its 1,600-member community and other energy professionals on his nine-point climate action framework, which he released in March at the Climate Leadership Conference.

Tonko’s nine principles, available in detail at, form a bipartisan framework distilled from conversations with other members of Congress and stakeholders. Tonko says any comprehensive climate proposal should be measured using this framework. The framework includes principles including “set scientific targets for greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050,” “invest in America’s sustainable economic future,” and “deliver a just and equitable transition.”

“This is an appeal to everyone who takes solving the climate crisis seriously,” Tonko says in his discussion piece on “As more detailed policy conversations continue, these nine principles represent the essential components that need to be considered as we work to design proposals and build consensus around solutions.”

Tonko, who is the Chair of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Environment and Climate Change and Co-Chair of the Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition, has been calling for feedback on his climate action framework., a nonpartisan organization that facilitates responsible discussion on energy policy issues, is joining in that call for feedback by hosting an online discussion on Tonko’s climate principles.

Energy professionals can register for a free account and add their comments about Tonko’s climate action framework to the online discussion. Tonko’s office will be monitoring the comments, and staff will prepare a summary of comments for his office and other interested parties at the end of April.

As part of the discussion, Tonko is requesting responses to the following questions:

  • Is a set of consensus principles necessary to guide an effort to advance sound climate and energy policies in the U.S. Congress? Are these the right principles? Are there areas overlooked by this framework?
  • What factors, whether listed [in the framework] or not, do you think are most important to address as a component of major climate legislation? Which do you think will be most important for building consensus among stakeholders?
  • What areas do you expect to pose the greatest barrier to climate policy development? Where would you expect policymakers to stumble?

This climate action framework is the first of many documents on climate change that Tonko’s office is planning to release, and future documents and legislative efforts will be influenced by the feedback he and his staff receive.



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