Full Title: Transforming the Grid from the Distribution System Out, The potential for dynamic distribution systems to create a new energy marketplace
Author(s): Bruce Beihoff, Tom Jahns, Robert Lasseter, and Gary Radloff
Publisher(s): University of Wisconsin-Madison
Publication Date: 7/2014


Description (excerpt):

The centralized system operated by utilities was not designed for the flexible load tracking required by renewables or the control of large numbers of distributed electrical energy resources. An alternative approach that holds promise is a dynamic distribution system that would take over responsibility for tracking loads and smoothing intermittent renewable energy generation from the utilities. While significant new control technologies are needed to manage these energy flows, much of the requisite research, discussed herein, expands on the basic features of current microgrid technology developed through the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) which enables the autonomous control of distributed generation and storage resources without the use of centralized information processing.