Full Title: Transport Intensity and Energy Efficiency: Analysis of Policy Implications of Coupling and Decoupling
Author(s): Rafaa Mraihi
Publisher(s): Intech
Publication Date: 1/2012



Economic growth based on use of non renewable energy constitutes a serious problem  because of, especially, negative environmental externalities. Growth of energy consumption  and gas emissions are the principal negative impacts of these modes of development.  However, the sustainable development requires modes of development which demand few  of energy and produce few of pollutant gas. Literature has interested of this problematic in  an aggregate or disaggregate contexts. The first is concerning the relationship between  economic growth, domestic energy consumption and gas emissions. The second is  corresponding to the same relationship but per economic sector. Industry and transport  sectors are more studied because of their important link with economic and environmental  spheres. They have an important contribution in economic growth but they are responsible  of several environmental externalities.