Arizona State University – Decarbonize with Big Data – Why Should I Give You My Data, and What Do I Get?

Why they want your data.
Governments and businesses are proposing smart systems using sensors and digital technologies to collect data about business operations and citizens and their activities to meet the challenges of climate change and other complex social issues. This requires collecting and storing large public and private data sets.

Why should I give you my data, and what do I get?
Privacy, ownership, rights to use the data, and other issues have made smart cities, smart agriculture, and other technology applications controversial. If we expect to have smart systems for cities that are equitable and carbon offsets that are trustworthy, the mechanisms that contribute data must also protect it from misuse and harmful outcomes.

How to bridge the data integrity divide.
Practitioners at Arizona State University and their partners have developed several approaches to infuse trust into sharing private data that include:
· changing the nature of the relationships
· using trusted models such as public libraries
· incentives for sharing protected information

Join LightWorks at ASU and SSF in a 90-minute discussion about data, trust, and reducing industry’s carbon footprint by exploring the concepts of a “Library for Carbon Data” and other methods to make data sharing attractive to those who own it and those who need it to make climate-smart decisions.

Meet the panel:
William Brandt (Moderator), Director of Strategic Integration, ASU LightWorks
Timothy Slaper, Research Director, IU Kelley School of Business’ Indiana Business Research Center
Shade Shutters, Research Scientist, School of Complex Adaptive Systems, College of Global Futures, ASU
Michael Simeone, Director for Data Science and Analytics for ASU Libraries
Pavan Turaga, Director, School of Arts, Media and Engineering, Director, Geometric Media Lab


Oct 21 2021


1:15 PM - 2:45 PM

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Arizona State University
Arizona State University

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