Environmental Law Institute – Thwart Climate Change Now: Reducing Embodied Carbon Brick by Brick

Join author Bill Caplan as he discusses his new book published by ELI Press—Thwart Climate Change Now: Reducing Embodied Carbon Brick by Brick. While climate policy typically focuses on future decarbonization 10 to 20 years out, temperatures continue to rise. Greenhouse gases emitted upfront from the materials, fabrication, construction, and renovation of our physical environment—embodied emissions—accelerate the rate of global warming now. Sadly, they increase atmospheric carbon before our buildings and infrastructure are even used. Often ignored or deemed too perplexing to resolve, the need to reduce embodied emissions immediately is the subject of this book. Bill Caplan will discuss three primary threads he wrote about: the urgent reality of now, misinformation and the green and sustainable palliatives, and reducing embodied carbon in the 2020s.

In addition, expert panelists will convene with the author to weigh in. How can we best tackle embodied carbon emissions? What design and policy issues overlook their own contribution to atmospheric carbon? What are the best strategies to slow the pace of climate change within the coming decade? Join the Environmental Law Institute and experts in the field to discuss the science of climate change, sustainable designs, green policies, and so much more.

Maxine Joselow
, Staff Writer, The Washington Post, moderator
Kenneth Berlin, President and CEO, The Climate Reality Project
Meta Brunzema, R.A. LEED A.P., Architecture & Urban Design, Collective for Community, Culture, and Environment LLC
Bill Caplan, Author, Thwart Climate Change Now (presenter/panelist)
Meghan Lewis, Senior Researcher, Carbon Leadership Forum, University of Washington


Feb 01 2022


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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Environmental Law Institute
Environmental Law Institute

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