EPA – Introducing AVERT 4.0: New functionality to analyze the energy, emissions, and equity impacts of electric vehicles

Join EPA on January 31st to learn about a major update to the AVoided Emissions and geneRation Tool (AVERT), a free tool designed to evaluate greenhouse gas (GHG) and other pollutant emissions from the power sector displaced by energy efficiency and renewable energy (EE/RE) policies and programs.

EPA will release an expanded version—AVERT 4.0—which responds to stakeholder interest in quantifying the emission impacts of electric vehicles (EVs). AVERT 4.0 can now model the “tailpipe to smokestack” energy and emissions impacts of EVs. With these capabilities, the tool helps users to model EVs and EE/RE together as a portfolio, demonstrating the impact and importance of deploying multiple energy strategies together. Results from AVERT 4.0 are presented at county, state, and regional level, which can be easily exported into COBRA, an EPA air quality and health impacts model. With these two tools together, model results can help demonstrate how energy policies and programs can meet air quality, health, equity and economic goals.

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, join us on January 31 to learn how AVERT 4.0 can provide the answers:

  • • What is the emissions impact of adding a certain number of EVs in a given year?
  • • How much EE/RE do we need to deploy to offset emissions of X number of EVs?
  • • Where are criteria pollutants expected to change because of an EV + EE/RE scenario?
  • • What are the health impacts of an EV + EE/RE scenario?
  • • How can AVERT support equity analyses of EVs and EE/RE programs and policies?


Jan 31 2023


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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Environmental Protection Agency

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