Innovation and the energy transitionExperts have stated that we will need to use every tool at our disposal as well as create and deploy new energy technologies in order to meet the targets proposed in climate legislation. There are concerns that new solutions aren’t being advanced fast enough due to policy and financial barriers as well as the technological challenges inherent in innovation. OurEnergyPolicy hosted a webinar on June 2, 2021, to explore these questions and provide energy professionals with a better understanding of innovation and its role in the energy transition. 

The panelists provided expertise on innovation with perspectives from government, finance, and industry. Panelists observed that although the pace of innovation has surprised many, we’re still not moving fast enough to “avoid climate disaster.” Panelists agreed that a larger barrier to innovation is the “ecosystem” around commercialization and deployment. For those involved in innovation and advancing the energy transition, increasing public and private support for innovators and making it easier to quickly bring new ideas from R&D to broad commercialization is a top priority.

OurEnergyPolicy’s 6/2/21 Webinar – Innovation and the Energy Transition