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2016 Corporate Advanced Energy Commitments

2016 Corporate Advanced Energy Commitments

Full Title: 2016 Corporate Advanced Energy Commitments
Publisher(s): Advanced Energy Economy
Publication Date: December 1, 2016
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Description (excerpt):

Corporate America is nothing if not efficient and fast-paced—when companies like Walmart, Microsoft, and Google decide to make a change, they execute. Demand for advanced energy among the nation’s top companies is no exception: in 2015, less than a decade after companies first started to sign large-scale, long-term power purchase agreements for renewable energy, corporate wind contracts outstripped utility demand. These purchases were dominated by a small number of large corporations, but businesses large and small are increasingly seeking ways to invest in wind, solar, energy storage, fuel cells, and other advanced energy technologies. As the list of completed projects grows at an accelerating pace, it is clear that the trend initiated by these leading companies is spreading quickly.

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