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Abundant Energy from Free Markets

Abundant Energy from Free Markets

Full Title: Abundant Energy from Free Markets
Author(s): Chris Wright
Publisher(s): C3 Solutions
Publication Date: December 8, 2023
Full Text: Download Resource
Description (excerpt):

There are two broad approaches to problem solving: top down, or from the bottom up. Top-down approaches include presidential edicts, bureaucratic orders and government intervention. Bottom-up solutions include believing in people, individual empowerment and free market approaches.
With that in mind, this report identifies three significant long-term, global challenges facing humankind: energy poverty, lack of reliable, affordable, and clean energy, and climate change.
Our descendants can live in a richer world, a world free of dire human poverty. They can do so if we allow innovators and entrepreneurs to find cost-effective ways to clean up the environment while energizing the world. Human liberty, bottom-up social organization, and abundant, affordable energy from free markets enabled the modern world. The same forces can deliver a brighter future for all.

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